Our Products

Virgin coconut oil is also made from the milk extracted from raw kernel.  Coconut milk is fermented and then by mechanical process, water is separated from oil. No heating or application of sunlight or dryer is done for the process.


SILVER OIL MILLS are the manufacturers of premium quality coconut oil and virgin coconut oil . SILVER OIL MILLS are specialists in producing Virgin coconut oil. We offer both virgin and roasted coconut oil in a wide range of packing. Our impressive range of coconut based products and customer friendly services has made us a popular brandname in both domestic & international market. Our endeavor is to maintain a long-lasting relationship with our customers.

About Us

Our products undergo strict verification process before it reaches the end consumer. Our method of processing of coconut oil is entirely different from other manufacturers and we proudly introduce Virgin Coconut Oil by Direct Micro Expelling ( DME ) technology . The most popular brand of SILVER OIL MILLS is the "Silverdrops" Coconut Oil, which has been used all over India.

Health Benefits

  • Oil of natural origin
  • Good emollient on skin, skull and hair
  • High resistance to oxidative rancidity
  • Carrier and protective agent for fat soluble vitamins
  • Essential for the manufacture of toilet soaps, shaving cream, liquid soaps,  natural shampoo and other cosmetics